Sufi Center Northeast

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Sufi Healing Circle - Zikr
"This is the music of the soul.  when [you] sing [you] live in the garden. God makes this music and [you] live in a garden different from any garden [you] have lived with before." - Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal
Sufi chanting and prayer open the heart, invite deep love,  peace and healing, and face us more directly to God. This happens through sacred chant, personal prayer and experiential teachings about the love and healing of God. Newcomers and people of all beliefs most welcome.

Weekly Healing Circle in Manhattan

For location and more information call:
Safiyyah Miller at 917-685-2654
 Also call for more inormation about other events in the New York area.

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Master Healer and Deep Teacher
coming to several locations
in the Northeast.
April 4-9, 2019
are the working dates while the schedule is being set.
For more info, check back or contact