Sufi Center Northeast


"We carry our message.
We carry our banner of Allah, the banner of the Messengers,
so that we can return people to love and health for their bodies, hearts, and spirits. 
I pray to Allah that He give me the strength, the steadfastness, to continue to give to you...

I am sure that I will see the flag of Allah flying over every house.
I am sure that this message will be seated in the hearts of all the people..."

Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal
Sufi Realities

Sufi Teacher Training -
Foundations and Deepening

For all who have Sufi teacher beads and/or a longing to bring the light of Allah to others
led by Nura Laird, M.Ed. with Laila Walzer, M.Div.

Saturday, March 24th  Foundations
Sunday, March 25th 
in the heart of downtown Amherst, Mass
in Ruh Schwartz's beautiful office space

Allah has sown the longing in our hearts to bring Sidi's message of love and peace out into the world. 
You may be looking for how or where to start, or wondering if you are "enough." Or you may already be teaching, but wanting support for rough spots, or new inspiration. You may be eager for more skills to "grow" your community. Come join in sweet and deep community to explore and develop vision and skills to fulfill your longing to bring Allah's light to the world, whatever that means for you.

The teachings will be based on your needs as a participant - 

Foundations- Saturday, March 24th
Topics would likely include:
walking through your own issues, concerns, fears around being a teacher and leader 
learning to teach from lap of Sidi, from prophetic tradition and lineage
your special inspiration from Allah
holding a group
sensing the needs of the group 
being fully present
planning readings and exercises

Deepening- Sunday, March 25th
Topics would likely include:
 Advanced challenges containing "difficult" people or moments in the group
- and yourself!
when the curriculum needs to change in mid-moment
sensing the deep need of the heart of the group, and and walking it to Allah, insha'llah

PLUS! a community "teach-in" in the summer where participants can pilot a class, share, get feedback and more - to be discussed in March!

Additional Takeaways could include -
teaching Sufism as something you do naturally rather than something that's "out there"
an inspiration for an event you're excited about that brings the light of Sufism
a better sense of the needs of the group and how to walk it
a deeper sense of Who you truly are
an increased sense of community of teachers

Foundations; Saturday 3/24
registration - on Saturday: 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM
Class both days - 9:30 AM- 5:30 PM with an hour lunch break
    Sliding scale: $50-125
This is a stand-alone day.

Deepening: Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th
    Sliding scale: $125-250
The full Saturday class is a pre-requisite for the Sunday class.
The Sunday class is not available as a stand-alone day.

Dhikr on Sunday at the end of class!

Space is limited -  reserve your spot by sending in a $50 deposit. Check payable to-
Laila Bady Walzer
Woodstock Sufi Center
33 Mill Hill Rd
Woodstock, NY  12498

Bring your own lunch or choose ordered-in options TBA. Northampton has lots of restaurants which of course we're free to choose, but on a Saturday it might take time and will disperse the container. 

Stay tuned for more info about local lodging and potential lunch choices -!!



event over - see you next year!

Sufi School Northeast, 2017


Andover-Newton Theological Seminary - Boston area

based on the teachings of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal

with senior teachers of the Shadhuli Sufi way in the US

classes " community * dhikr 

As a very high Sufi master, Sidi opened the door to deep healing and spiritual growth on all levels, and deeply enables the call of our soul for return to God. Experienced and senior teachers from the Shadhdhiliyya Sufi way wil teach, heal, and open the door to a deeper tasting of gnosis and God's love.
This is a very, very holy opportunity and we warmly invite you to join us.

For more about Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, please visit the following page on this site, Our Guide.
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Western Massachusetts
New Dawn Healing Arts
directed by Rauda Dawn Meltzer
Master Sufi teacher

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