Sufi Center Northeast


Zoom Improv Singing
Jan Hittle
Thursday, August 13th
6 PM - 7:30
Zoom room open at 5:45

$5.00 payment  requested

The accomplished musician, facilitator, Zoom techie
and all-around good person Jan  Hittle -
(who led a fabulous circle last summer at Maiko's Charlie's space in Kingston ) -
will be facilitating Zoom improv singing.  Yes!
It's really fun and creative, time lag  notwithstanding.

C'm'on out and see.  Aren't you jonesin' to sing!?

*Register now by sending $5 by Paypal to
.Zoom link sent upon receipt of payment.

(If this truly doesn't work for you please e-mail and let me know - that's totally fine
and we don't want to turn anyone away.
We also do need  to encourage folks who can pay to do so,
as Jan deserves something  for her scarce time and considerable skill.
Thank you for understanding.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you!
Best, best wishes to you in these "interesting" times,
Laila BW

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