Sufi Center Northeast

Woodstock Sufi Center
The Shadhuliyya Sufi Center Northeast

 Inviting many blessings on all of us all over the world in these times.
291 Wall Street in Kingston, 2nd floor
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The Sufi Center uses a HEPA filter and provides hand sanitizer.
Masks are required for everyone.

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                           you next time!
with Mary Knysh
(Music for People)
 and Laila Brady
Explore Your Unique Creative Spirit!
Discover and Express Yourself in Sound
Experience Musical Community!
Have Fun! 
Absolutely No Experience Necessary!
                           an Instrument or Use One of Ours! 

Saturday, September 17th
at Arts Society of Kingston at 97 Broadway in Kingston
Sliding scale: $75-$125, scholarships available 
Questions: Peace(at)SufiCenterNortheast(dot)org 

About Mary: A highly experienced facilitator, Mary Knysh has traveled internationally for over 35 years inspiring participants to tap into healing and human potential through the transformative power of music. She is also a professional musician, recording artist, and published author who works with people of all ages,

About Laila: Laila has explored the healing and creative power of music and sound for many years. It is her joy to help people find their authentic sound.
"Self-expression through music is a joyful and positive form of communication
available to every individual regardless of previous experience."
Music for People Bill of Musical Rights.

The Shadhuliyya Sufi Center Northeast /
Woodstock Sufi Center

The Shadhuliyya Sufi Center Northeast/Woodstock Sufi Center is dedicated to healing and growing through the deep love of God. We serve the Kingston and Woodstock, NY area, and the greater Northeast, and all those who are called to return to their true nature through divine love. Though the "technology" we use is Sufi-based, the teachings are universal, and all can benefit, whatever one's beliefs. At the same time we offer study in Sufism for the student serious about deepening their relationship to God in the Sufi way. 

"When you find the love, you find yourself."

We offer classes, Sufi zikr (chanting), spiritual counseling, healing sessions, teleclasses and more, and are affiliated with other Shadhuliyya Sufi centers in New York , Central and Western Massachusetts and Boston, among others, as well as nationally.
Founder and Director of the Woodstock Sufi Center, Laila Brady Walzer, M.Div., has studied and practiced healing, music and sound, and the spiritual journey for decades. She personally healed from chronic illness through Sufi sacred chant, spiritual growth, and herbs. She is faculty at the University of Sufism ( and is actively involved in regional and national events of the Shadhdhuliyya tariqa as brought here by Sh. Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.
She loves to help people come home to the inner resources of love, joy wisdom and peace that we each have.


 For more about Sufi activities in the Northeast Region

please contact Zahra Lee at cmeilee@; (Massachusetts and telephone events),

Safiyyah Miller at (New York City and surrounding area)

and "Events" page

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Healing in the Sufi way...

Our suffering as human beings  - emotional pain, mental confusion, physical disease, spiritual loss—is a reflection of where we have lost connection with the Deep Love that is our true nature.  Deep healing, joy, peace, harmony and much, much more are available when we return. Our physical health, our state of mind and heart, our relationships, our ability to earn a living and give productively in the world, all improve greatly when we return to Love. Ultimately, we contribute to world peace; how can we not when we are nourished by, live from and give Love?

Come join us in the glorious journey back to God within the deep heart, and the fruits that blossom from that – peace, love, mercy, justice and freedom.