Sufi Center Northeast

Rhode Island

For Rhode Island events, contact Abdul Latif Howard - danhoward2000(AT)
Zawiyyah with Amina al-Jamal
longtime student of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal

A private quiet winter retreat

Amina al-Jamal will be returning to Rhode Island for zawiyyah, inshallah.

The weekend of January 4-5 is open for anyone to come by anytime. The week of the 6-10th is for anyone who can commit to at least 3 days

There are a few rooms to share at our home and local motels and Airbnb’s in the area.

Where: Zulaykha and Abdul Latif's home

74 Second Street

North Kingstown, RI

When: January 4-10th, 2020


$30/day for halal food to Abdul Latif

Separate donation to Amina al-Jamal

If there is room you can stay in our house at

no cost. Bring your own sheets and towel.

12 students maximum. 3 day minimumencouraged.

No children or pets please.

Contact: Abdul Latif Howard
Email: danhoward2000(at)

Phone: 401-360-4562

  • A Healing Intensive Retreat

    Led by Rahima Schmall, Ph.D., R.N., with Laila Brady Walzer, M.Div., Rahma Davis, LMT, Abdul Latif Howard, La.C., DA

    February 5-9, 2020

    at Shen Garden Acupuncture in North Kingston, Rhode Island

The Healing Intensive Retreat offers participants an immersion in the Sufi healing work taught to us by our guide, Sidi. Through individual and group healings, teachings and bodywork, participants move through issues that have left them stuck, sometimes for years. Years of experience have created a program where deep transformations happen!

A Healing Intensive is beneficial for anyone at anytime, but especially if you are:

  •   Experiencing health issues and wanting to move through the pictures and voices that contribute to illness and suffering.

  •   Needing a breakthrough in relationship or life issues

  •   Wanting to deepen your walking to Allah

    This retreat will be led by Rahima Schmall, Ph.D., R.N., and other compassionate and experienced Sufi healers, including: Laila Brady Walzer, M.Div.,, Rahma Davis, LMT and Abdul Latif Howard, LaC, DA

    The cost of the five day program is just $1,275 and includes:* Initial and final individual assessments

    * Four healings

    * Two bodywork sessions

    * Daily classes to support your healing and connection to Allah

    * Meals (gluten-free and veg options included

    * Access to low cost housing at additional price

    Questions and registration: Rahima at or 707-318 4470

    Please tell friends and clients about this opportunity!

    The Healing Intensive Retreat is not only for people who are already on the Sufi Path. It is an excellent introduction to what spiritual healing and Sufism have to offer, for anyone who is struggling and needs healing. If you know of some- one who could benefit, please let them know about this retreat!

    This is a not-for-profit event. All proceeds after expenses will go to the non-profit Shadhuliyya Sufi Communities and charitable programs in Jerusalem 

    Participants say:
    This is perhaps the most loved program of mine throughout
                               my time with our community...  I looked at this as an investment in my happiness and I can say I was so glad to have followed
                               through with it. I received the loving support and guidance I was looking for with the things I had been facing in my life.
                               I would highly recommend it.." - Ra'uf

    I went for help with a specific issue, and, 10 months later,
                               the profound shift that occurred in the Healing Intensive
                               continues to reverbate in my life today. Rahima
                               and the team are excellent at what they do, and so gently and lovingly. - Laila B.W.