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Laila Brady Walzer


Laila Brady Walzer grew up in a musical family, earned a B.A. in music from Swarthmore College, and has sung and performed a diverse range of music in many venues and countries, including in Germany, Ireland, and Africa. She sang on the stage of the New York Metropolitan Opera Company as a middle and high school student in the chorus of Bellini’s Norma and Bizet’s Carmen, and later with Peter Schickele at Alice Tully Hall and in the recording studio as part of the Swarthmore College Chorus presentation of PDQ Bach’s Liebeslieder Polkas.

She has studied the Irish pennywhistle with the Bill Ochs, who was called “the leading tin whistle teacher in North America" by New York's Irish Voice newspaper, and she has played whistle and bodhran in a number of venues, including the New York Renaissance Faire, off-off Broadway, in recordings and on local TV.

She has also studied the mountain dulcimer with the renowned dulcimer player and teacher Susan Trump, who recorded and included Laila’s Hollow Flute in the CD Songs of Faith and Hope.

On guitar she learned the “three chords that made the Beatles famous” from her dad, and has since added a fourth and fifth. (Nothing like progress!)

She is a Mirrabi ar-Ruhi in the Shadhuliyya Sufi way under Shaykh Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, a graduate of the Sufi University and its teacher training, a healer, and a Sufi Minister. She is founder and director of the Woodstock Sufi Center.
Go here for Laila's appearance at the Unity Music Festival on June 7th! 

“Divine vibration brings tears to my eyes in remembrance. What a gift.”

“Laila's voice is like the song of angels.  Her voice exudes holiness, joy, transporting you to place within your heart of exquisite beauty and healing.”

“Laila's music takes you to holy joy and holy majesty. The holy joy, when it expands your heart and takes you to the beauty of Allah. And the holy majesty, when it takes you to past sorrows and helps you wash them away.”

“Laila’s songs take you to a place barely remembered where you are whole and pure as God created you; you can almost hear the angels singing in her music. “

“I lose myself in Laila’s music, and am found turning in [remembrance] to the Love.”

“Listen to Laila...    The sweet vibration of Allah's Holy Love softly comes to your heart, its door opens to its own sacred oneness, and His Peace then surrounds.  
Listen to Laila...  the honey funny humor of living will trip and skip through your being, confirming your path.”

“Laila's voice is a clear and angelic gift to all who have the pleasure of hearing it.  The joy and love of Allah come through in every note. “

"Laila has the voice of an angel that lifts and opens your heart."

“Laila, your breath, sound from the soul is majestic. No question, a blessing from the angelic realm/Allah. Keep on singing and open the hearts, spirit and souls of us all. You sing  with the secret  revealed.”